The Maintenance 4.0 Implementation Handbook

Maintenance 4.0 has emerged as one of the most promising vectors of Industry 4.0, poised to generate both savings and revenue by improving OEE, machine health and by minimizing unscheduled downtime. While the real-world benefits of introducing AI, Machine Learning and Big Data onto the factory floor are well-documented, not all plants feel prepared for this new wave of automation. Those that do attempt to implement Smart Factory technologies within their plants often find themselves doomed to “pilot purgatory”, unable to move beyond initial testing phases. 

For most forward-thinking plants, the question now is not whether but how to successfully implement a Maintenance 4.0 program at scale. Though theoretical frameworks exist to help organizations balance the possibilities of innovation against the risk of abandoning legacy systems and processes, bridging the gap between theory and practice is often daunting for executives and teams approaching new technologies. 

The Maintenance 4.0 Implementation Handbook provides practical guidance for organizations that want to utilize maintenance initiatives, from prioritizing assets to calculating ROI and onboarding stakeholders to growing a solution from pilot to scale and more. In the knowledge that a digitization transformation of this magnitude requires buy-in from all factory employees, the handbook’s step-by-step guidance is geared towards both the executive planning teams and the plant workers that that will ultimately be deploying these solutions. 

Written by the team at SKF Enlight AI, in this handbook we’ve transformed our experience in deploying AI-driven industrial analytics at leading industrial plants into actionable insights. We’ve enhanced our findings with input from leading O&M practitioners from around the globe. The combined knowledge of SKF and industry maintenance experts provides unique insight into what works, what doesn’t, and how to overcome challenges within the automation journey. Though Maintenance 4.0 has the potential to reinvent industry, it is ultimately age-old business principles including moderation, due diligence and executional excellence that will empower you to take advantage of this potential. 


The Maintenance 4.0 Implementation Handbook

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